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Obscure Entrepreneurs in Nevada

Steve Wynn, who is known mostly for his work in the Strip casino resort business, is the entrepreneur that many think of when they think of Las Vegas. However there are many lesser-known entrepreneurs that are also doing quite well in Southern Nevada reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.Many kids still want to grow up to be firefighters or police officers. Jason Godfrey, though, always wanted to be an entrepreneur, following in the footsteps of his father, a convenience store owner.The Las Vegas native earned dual bachelors degrees in managerial finance and accounting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.He started as a valet at The Orleans at age 19, became a valet supervisor by 22 and advanced to valet manager at 25.Godfrey completed half of the work on a master’s of business administration degree and then he dropped out to pursue a business opportunity.He used money he saved, home-equity loans and investments from friends and family to buy Doc Holliday’s, an unprofitable 4,000-square-foot restaurant and bar, in late 2006. He was 28 and managing partner of a small business.He changed the bar’s name to Sagos Baja Tavern Lounge — it’s named after a palm tree.Godfrey and his wife, Lorena, spent most of their time at the bar so they would know when changes and improvements were needed. If a good customer liked a specific brand of beer, for example, Godfrey stocked it.The Godfreys put an inflatable bed in a back room so they could rest without leaving the bar.“For the most part, it seemed like it was get up, go home, shower and go back to work,” Godfrey said. “It was really scary for a little bit because all the bars around here were folding.Like Cheers, the bar in the former television sitcom, Sagos is a local bar that everybody cares about, Godfrey said. “They come in here to get away from it all and to leave their worries behind.”Pinnacle Executive Suites – located in Carson City, NV: Our goal is to provide the finest office space and best service possible to make the professionals and their guests feel comfortable with their surroundings. This goal is accomplished when you come in and enjoy your surroundings. We have tried to accomplish this through upscale furnishings, to show some affluence, without being ostentatious. Our staff has been selected for their genuine desire to help our professionals with their business needs and graciously welcome your guests. Our staff has many years of experience to assure the best possible service. Contact us today at 775-884-6123 or visit our website at
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