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Who Wouldn’t Like to Save 70% in Operating Costs?

Starting a business requires significant planning- part of which includes where it will be located; hiring employees; what type of equipment you will need; capital requirements, etc. While most small businesses start out as a one-man operation, in order to grow at some point they have to consider hiring help or possibly outsourcing some things like bookkeeping or other administrative work.

Executive Suites are similar to outsourcing, but they provide you with many more benefits. This is why they are used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies, professionals in every trade, engineers, architects, manufacturer’s reps, to the entrepreneur and small to medium size business.

With an Executive Suite you can potentially minimize your startup costs by over 70%. The simple math makes it clear why the value and benefits of them are the desired choice of professionals around the world. From team rooms to board rooms, you are equipped in a comprehensive professional environment.

On Your Own: Consider what it would cost to rent and furnish an office, install phone equipment, purchase a printer and fax machine and hire a full time receptionist. Most likely it will cost over $25,000 PER YEAR.

Here at Pinnacle: We have furnished Executive Suites starting at $5,940 PER YEAR, ($495/mo.) which includes a full time receptionist, telephone equipment, conference room, printer, copier, fax service and more.

Why not take that savings and reinvest it into further building your business? There’s no better time than right now to start working smarter and not harder.

Take a virtual tour at or better yet stop in for a guided tour.

Read more on “Why Choose An Executive Suite”.

Pinnacle Executive Suites – located in Carson City, NV: Our goal is to provide the finest office space and best service possible to make the professionals and their guests feel comfortable with their surroundings. This goal is accomplished when you come in and enjoy your surroundings. We have tried to accomplish this through upscale furnishings, to show some affluence, without being ostentatious. Our staff has been selected for their genuine desire to help our professionals with their business needs and graciously welcome your guests. Our staff has many years of experience to assure the best possible service. Contact us today at 775-884-6123 or visit our website at

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