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A Lawyer’s Observation

Contributed by Patrick O. King, Esq.

Many people talk about their dream of owning their own business. They want to sell cookies or cupcakes or start a catering business. Maybe they want to start a construction company or a lawn mowing business. But like anything else a fear of the unknown holds them back. So instead they stay at a job they don’t really like or worse yet, they stay at home bored and do nothing.

I must admit I love the entrepreneur spirit. Those people- men, women and children who start a small business- are what keep this country strong and give the rest of us more options for a good life.

If you have never opened a business, I guess it could sound scary or maybe even overwhelming. Plus there seems to be an endless number of friends, co-workers and jealous family members that want to tell you all the reasons you will fail. Instead of offering encouragement and support they tell you about someone who failed in exactly what you are thinking of doing and point out that you have inadequate experience and not enough money. Then if you have the strength to continue thinking about your dream, the apparent obstacles hit, such as:

I don’t know how to start a business. Do I need a license? If I do, I don’t know how to get one. Where should I open the business? Can I work from home? What kind of business do I form- Corporation or LLC? How do I get a Tax ID Number and what is is for? Do I need insurance? Where do I open a business bank account? How do I get a fictitious name registered? How do I protect my ideas? How do I keep my books and records? How do I get clients or customers? How do I deal with the city, county or state officials? Just thinking of this stuff makes most people give up before crossing the starting line. Not having all the answers is not a problem.

Here is what I know. Your business can be up and running smoothly before you know it. Imagine having your business cards printed with your new office address, phone and fax number, website and e-mail address. You can accept cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards. You have formed a Corporation and you have a corporate checking account. If you need to hire help, you have your payroll service standing by to assist you.

All of this can be done in only a few days. All these things that seemed daunting turn out to be minor issues as you build your dream.

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