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Why you should consider an Executive Suite in Nevada

Your Nevada Corporation can provide you with tremendous state tax saving benefits as well as protecting your assets, medical reimbursement plans, retirement plans, travel, etc. when correctly structured. The importance of our Executive Office Services is so that you can show beyond any doubt that your corporation is established here- something you should seriously consider. It is your proof of a Nevada presence.

•An office address- you may use this address for letterhead, advertising, etc.
•Mail service- your corporate mail will be received and forwarded on a daily basis for up to 100 pieces per quarter. Includes postage costs for regular mail. (Parcels and special shipping paid separately)
•Telephone service- your corporation will be assigned it’s own phone number which you may advertise. Our staff will answer your phone (between the hours of 8-5 PST) according to your instructions and relay messages to you. The cost for the telephone line is included.
•A listing with the local directory and directory assistance.
•1 Free unit of 24-hour voice mail included -$199 value!!
•Fax service with a number, which you may advertise for the corporation. Incoming faxes forwarded to you.

Just compare what it would cost you to rent an office, pay for phone, internet and a full time receptionist- probably over $2000 a month! This is a great alternative to help get your business started while protecting the benefits that a Nevada Corporation offers.

Pinnacle Executive Suites – located in Carson City, NV: Our goal is to provide the finest office space and best service possible to make the professionals and their guests feel comfortable with their surroundings. This goal is accomplished when you come in and enjoy your surroundings. We have tried to accomplish this through upscale furnishings, to show some affluence, without being ostentatious. Our staff has been selected for their genuine desire to help our professionals with their business needs and graciously welcome your guests. Our staff has many years of experience to assure the best possible service. Contact us today at 775-884-6123 or visit our website at Contact us today at 775-884-6123 or visit our website at

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