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What is an Executive Suite, Exactly?

It’s a fully furnished and equipped office or office building, managed by a facilities-management company. The company rents individual offices or even entire floors to other companies. Also referred to as business or executive centers, or managed offices, they are frequently found in the business districts of large metropolitan areas around the world.

Renting an executive suite means more than just a desk, a chair and a wall socket to plug in your laptop. Features often include shared services, such as reception, catering, meeting, conference and training rooms and courier services. It also may include access to business equipment such as broadband, WIFI, copiers, printers, telecommunications (phone number, fax, answering services and lines). Kitchen facilities are often part of the deal, as well as common areas and parking spaces. Sometimes extra services cost extra fees, but they still are usually a fraction of what you’d pay for permanent full-time services.

Rent is usually lower than typical office space since it is often shared. Renters save money on furnishings, office equipment and salaries for support people, since a shared receptionist may come with the space. The best part? When you’re not worrying about equipment, personnel and where you’ll hang your hat, you can spend more time running your business.

Benefits of executive suites:

* Professional environment: Office space is designed, decorated and furnished with business professionals and their clients in mind.
* Convenience: An executive suite employs staff to provide basic office services like reception, clerical support, IT support, equipment maintenance, housekeeping, building maintenance, security and waste-management services. The executive suite owners are responsible for theft and loss insurance, as well.
* Economical: Utilities like water, heating, a/c and electricity are included in the rental fee. Rental fees are usually lower than standard, full-time office space, making executive suites the perfect choice for start-up companies.
* Fixed costs: Since there are no variable costs involved (such as utilities), you’ll know exactly how much to budget each month for your executive suite.
* Flexibility: If your company grows more quickly than you’d anticipated, you can get more space and services without moving or hiring more people.
* No long-term lease: If your business has to downsize for short time, you can let space go, and then pick up more when your business rebounds, without penalty.
* Referral partners: Your office suitemates can refer business to you, and you can refer your suitemates to others.
* Support staff. When support staff are available, they’ve usually been extensively trained in a wide range of office tasks.
* An established address: Many are housed in well-known business neighborhoods, the addresses immediately recognizable on your business card.

Pinnacle Executive Suites – located in Carson City, NV: Our goal is to provide the finest office space and best service possible to make the professionals and their guests feel comfortable with their surroundings. This goal is accomplished when you come in and enjoy your surroundings. We have tried to accomplish this through upscale furnishings, to show some affluence, without being ostentatious. Our staff has been selected for their genuine desire to help our professionals with their business needs and graciously welcome your guests. Our staff has many years of experience to assure the best possible service.
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