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USA Today – Ask an Expert RE: Home-based business and Executive Suites

From USA Today – May 10, 2010

Ask an Expert: How to grow your home-based business Get an Executive Suite!

Q: I am a mother of three and love working from home. That said, it seems like there is a limit as to how far I can go. How can we work-from-home folk take it to the next level? — Maggie

A: It is a common lament: People who work from home tend to really like it, but wonder if it limits their growth options. The truth is that yes, you can work from home and still grow your business. Here’s how:

Use an executive suite: What do you do when you have a home-based business and you need to impress clients? The answer is, use a professional or executive suite. Executive suites are offices you rent by the hour, day, week, or month. They are furnished, have secretaries and receptionists, high speed Internet, and offer options like conference rooms, copy machines, and even video Web conferencing. Most executive suites are in nice buildings, so the result is that you are assured of impressing clients.

By using an executive suite, you can put a great face on your home-based business at a reasonable price.

Rent some extra space: Running a business from home doesn’t mean you don’t have other options. Many successful home-based businesspeople run their business from home and still rent the extra space they need to grow. It is not an either/or situation. You can rent extra space, whether that is a warehouse, studio, seminar rooms, offices for employees, or whatever.

I know a Yoga teacher who used to hold classes in her living room. While nice and intimate, it limited the number of people who could come to class. So, as her reputation and business grew, she decided to rent space twice a week at a nearby dance studio. Now she still holds some smaller classes once or twice a week at home, and she continues to run her business out of her house, but she used space outside the house to grow her business.

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