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Today’s companies and entrepreneurs are finding that a virtual office is the right solution for the work environments of the twenty-first century.

Firms of all sizes are discovering that a virtual office setup is the ideal solution for them, offering cost-savings as well as flexibility and increased productivity. A large number of business trend analysts agree that the virtual office phenomenon is worldwide, here to stay, and that the virtual office trend will grow aggressively over the next few years.

The office business center industry is obviously well positioned to deliver an array of virtual products and services. Many operators have focused on the virtual office market for quite a few years and are driving significant revenues, but more importantly – significant margins to their bottom lines.

Additionally, office brokers are producing an increasing number of virtual office leads and specialized global virtual office companies have established themselves as viable channels and service providers.

According to the 2008 OBCAI financial study, virtual revenues represented an average of almost 7% of total revenues for highly profitable office business centers in the US. At some centers, virtual revenues even exceeded 10% of overall revenues without creating much additional overhead for the operation. The study also showed a 7% increase in virtual revenues in 2008 compared to 2007 and identified virtual office revenues as one of the main factors that differentiate a high profit OBC (average 34% profit margin) from a middle profit OBC (average 11% profit margin). So statistically speaking, every OBC operator should embrace the virtual office business – yesterday!

As the landscape for virtual office services becomes more competitive, proactive operators will have a unique opportunity to gain additional market share by adjusting their advertising and marketing strategies for this growing market. Based on statistical data, centers will also attract more virtual office clients by offering cutting edge technologies and facilities.


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