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Prepping Your Home for Winter Weather

Contributed by Sheri Cook, Residential Mortgage Loan Officer
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As winter approaches, the weather changes across the country. Whether your winter season consists of frigid temperatures or the start of the wet season, we’ve got some ideas for getting your home ready for the change of seasons.

Keep out the wet and cold. Weather stripping is a fast and easy place to start. Check seals around outside doors and windows. Purchase foam insulation made specifically to fit behind the plates of light switches and outlets. Check with your local power company to see if they offer a free energy-efficiency checkup — most do, and you can learn exactly where your energy dollars are being wasted.

Set the thermostat. Investing in a programmable thermostat is a smart move. You’ll never forget to turn down the temperature at night or while you’re away — and even nicer, you can have the house warmed up for your arrival back home. The Nest is the most well-known example of this technology. It’s pretty and it’s smart—it can learn your preferences, and your daily schedule, and adjust the temperature in your home accordingly.

Switch out that smoke alarm. Instead of just changing the batteries twice a year, do one better: throw out that old alarm and get yourself one of the new smoke detectors with a 10-year lithium battery. While you’re at it, check the expiration date on your fire extinguishers and review your fire escape plan with your family as well. Then you’ll just need to remember when 10 years have passed.
Wetter is warmer. Heaters deplete the moisture in the air, which can actually make you feel colder. Add it back with a humidifier — like the new smart humidifiers, which can be controlled with an app and which will notify you when it’s low on water or needs a new filter. Yup, soon even the dog bowl will be talking to us through our phones.

Maintain the equipment. Insulated blankets made especially for your water heater help it to keep the water warm while working a little less. Better still, invest in a new, self-insulated water heater that will also be more energy-efficient. Now is also the time to check the furnace, change the filters, and get it cleaned and inspected, ready for the drop in temperature.

Pack up summer. It’s time to bring in the lawn chairs, umbrellas, and beach toys and switch them out for snow shovels, bird seed, and winter sports equipment. Put away lawn furniture so it’s ready for use next year.
Take advantage of nature’s heater. Let in the sun as much as you can by leaving blinds and curtains open on the south side of your home. This will warm your home throughout the day. At night, close it back up to retain as much warmth as possible.

Create your own heat. Your kids have probably already put Sno Stompers on the holiday wish lists; get started early with these hot snow shoes that leave animal paw prints behind, and get a workout at the same time! Not in a snowy climate? The Stomp Rocket is still tops in outdoor fun!

Ensure your winter is as cozy — and fun! — as it can be. With a little preparation (and some shopping at Amazon), this winter will fly by. Enjoy!

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