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ABC News Chronicles Rise of Virtual Offices

Published March 11th, 2010 by Jennifer LeClaire
More media coverage about virtual office momentum. Eric Thomas, the weekday co-anchor of ABC7 Morning News in San Francisco, has covered everything from plane crashes to political campaigns. This week, he’s taking a look at the virtual office in a well-written article.
Looking for a Virtual Office?
As Thomas so aptly puts it, “Working from home is nothing new, but managing a business with employees scattered across the country has only recently become possible with new software and management techniques.”
The article points to Department of Labor statistics citing that between 13 million and 19 million Americans do most of their work at home.
Thomas interviews a man named Dan Guillory, CEO of a consulting firm named Innovations International, who works from home. Guillory didn’t always work from home. Thomas reports that he used to rent expensive office space in San Francisco, but he ditched it for a much more affordable virtual office. His staff is spread out across the country.
“Rent alone was $60,000 a year. In addition to that we also had hard line phones that we used; we also had servers that we used. There are a lot of hidden costs that you don’t necessarily think about,” Guillory told ABC.
Guillory said the benefit of the virtual office is that “you have more flexibility, but at the same time our expectations are a little bit different so there’s a price for that freedom to some extent.”
This is a great example of virtual office use – and I’m sure it wasn’t hard for Thomas to find a prime example in the San Francisco area. These days, you can go to any major city and find a stellar portrait of an entrepreneur who is taking advantage of the cost-savings, flexibility and efficiencies a virtual office can offer.
Expect to see more media coverage of virtual offices this year as companies like Pinnacle Executive Suites and others continue making their value proposition known to the entrepreneurial world.

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